Top Tips: Advice For Choosing A Good Dog Groomer

Some dogs need regular grooming every six to eight weeks to keep their skin and ears healthy and their coats trimmed and un-matted. Other dogs need an intermittent bath and nail trim you do not want to do at home. In any event, if it is time for your dog to visit a professional groomer, you will want to feel comfortable that he’s safe and can get a good grooming.

Ask People You Know Which Groomer They Use
When you initially commence to compile a set of possible Dog Groomers, it can certainly help to ask people for referrals. Find out who friends and family, neighbors, and family use. Ask the staff at the veterinary clinic which groomers they’ve seen and heard good stuff about.

Once you’ve a brief list, call around and have about prices and hours of operation to further narrow down what will work affordable and time constraints. Talk with the BBB to see if there are any complaints resistant to the groomers that stick to your list after your initial telephone call. Then, you can schedule a tour and interview with several facilities.

Go to the Grooming Facility together with your Dog to meet up, Tour, and Interview
Ask whether you may take your dog in to meet the groomer briefly and tour the facility. This serves the triple purposes of introducing your pet to the new person and place, seeing the way the groomer interacts with your pet, and getting a feel for if the facility appears professional.

Some specific what to look for and have include:

Will there be good lighting in the grooming area?
Does everything look clean and sorted out?
Is there a calm or chaotic atmosphere?
Do any dogs that are present appear calm or anxious?
Will be the cages big enough for your pet to stand up, change, and lie down stretched out?
Will there be proper monitoring of dogs being blow dried to ensure they don’t really overheat?
Does the grooming facility require that dogs are up-to-date on vaccinations, including kennel cough?
It’s also advisable to enquire about any certifications the groomer has and discover his / her experience level. If your pet has any specific behavior traits or medical conditions that may necessitate special consideration by the groomer, bring them up and have how they might handle them.

Irrespective of which groomer you ultimately choose for your pet, you can help make the task go more smoothly by finding your way through it just a little.